REALITY CHECK - Church Evaluation

REALITY CHECK - Church Evaluation
One of the important services of SCE in "extending" ministry to pastors and churches is the Reality Check Church Evaluation.  This is sometimes performed in struggling churches who need help to survive, and/or in healthy churches seeking to target a plan for future ministry.  In cases of question, the Reality Check will help identify the state of health in the church.

Along with the unchanging truth of Scripture, SCE Staff have decades of pastoral and ministry experiences to help in church evaluation.  The SCE Reality Check team will review church documents, meet with church leadership, church membership and friends, do demographic and community surveys, observe actual ministry and worship meetings, and walk the property to get an overall picture of the church's health, strengths, and needs.  Finally, a written report is submitted to church leadership and the congregation.

The Reality Check includes evaluation of seven elements of local church ministry:

FAITH - Testimonies of genuine faith in Christ are important to us.  Giving people an opportunity to express their personal faith in Christ through personal conversations provides valuable insight into this basic element of the church's health.

FOUNDATION - Church documents, such as Statement of Doctrine, constitution, policies, incorporation documents and job descriptions are evaluated.

FOCUS - This area of evaluation examines the direction of the church in these areas:
Values - What the church IS; the non-negotiables; things that define this particular   church family
Purpose - Why the church exists; including a written purpose statement
Vision - Where the church going; what the church desires to do
Strategy - How the church is going to implement its vision; specific steps to fulfil the vision are identified

FACULTY - Pastor, Elders, Deacons, teachers and all staff, including paid and volunteer

FELLOWSHIP- How the church body relates one to another

FACILITY - Buildings and property are evaluated by SCE staff who have construction and church ministry experience

FINANCES - Includes an overview of budgets, income, and expenses