Member Pastor - Eddie Tutwiler

Member Pastor - Eddie Tutwiler

Early in 2016, the SCE Board appointed Eddie (Laura) Tutwiler as a Church Planter Trainee. The Tutwilers live in Simpsonville, SC, and will be surveying the surrounding communities for the best place to begin a new church.  That process of survey is schedule to be completed in the fall of 2016.  In the meantime, the Tutwilers are building relationships in the community and hosting a Bible study.

Eddie and Laura moved to South Carolina a few years ago from the St. Louis area, where they were involved in an IFCA church. There, the emphasis on expositional teaching made an big impact on them, and now Eddie wants to serve God as a pastor/church planter.

We'll be working closely with Eddie, helping him with further education and training. We're VERY excited about this new addition to Southeast Church Extension.

The Tutwilers have 5 children; Levi, Titus, Asher, Lily Anne, and Aleythia.  Please pray for Eddie and his family.

You may contact Eddie at: