Community Bible Church - Jacksonville, NC

Community Bible Church - Jacksonville, NC

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Our assembly currently meets at the Military Christian Center in Jacksonville.

Sundays at 10:30 AM

575 Corbin St.  Jacksonville, NC 28546



About Us


Community Bible Church is a church plant located in Jacksonville, NC serving the Onslow County region and Camp Lejeune. We are a committed to meaningful discipleship and an effective outreach through practical Bible study.

Community is really important for us so our core values reflect that, they are summarized by what we call our “Grace Essentials.” These are four essential parts that we see are at the foundation of a healthy, vibrant church community, each define and highlight a dimension in relationship:

1 — Text


The Text of Scripture is how God communicates with us. God has decided to use the written word to record so that the mighty testimony of his grace would be preserved to be the foundation of our Faith. It is how he relates to us.

2 — Worship


When we worship, either personally or corporately our attention is focused vertically. The Christian lifestyle, in the pursuit of becoming more like Jesus, is worshipful in every area of life. This is how we relate to God.

3 — Community


The discipleship community is the visible expression of the Christian’s relationship with God. It is the place where learning, growth, and exhortation happen. This is how we as Christian’s relate to each other.

4 — Mission


The message of the Gospel is to be passed on. Our outreach is essential to the growth of our church, and God has decided that we would carry out the directive of proclaiming the message of restoration. This is how we relate to unbelievers.



Meet our Pastor, John Ahern


John, as a young sailor stationed aboard the USS America CV-66, was invited to the Military Christian Center in Norfolk, VA. It was there that he heard and responded to the gospel, trusting Christ as his Savior. He lived at the Center for about three years and his involvement in the Discipleship Program gave him a desire to know more about God’s Word.

As a result of this discipleship and a desire to learn more, John left active duty in the Navy to attend Piedmont Baptist College (now Carolina University). Where he met his wife, Sheila, who was also a PBC student. After graduation, they were challenged for full-time Christian service and were burdened for those men and women serving in our military, some who were just like John who needed to hear the good news of the Gospel.

John and Sheila joined with MTM in 2000, spending 15 years ministering at the Military Christian Center in Jacksonville, NC. John formerly served as President of Missions To Military, Inc. in Virginia Beach VA from 2016–2022. He left that position to start Community Bible Church and assume the role of pastor.

He has a passion for teaching the Bible and helping people grow in their faith. When he is not in the office, John is an avid hiker and fisherman who enjoys preparing fish fries on occasion.



Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Piedmont Baptist College

Master of Biblical Studies, Virginia Beach Theological Seminary