For over a decade, I’ve served in a church planting ministry and have worked hard to see growth, but the right kind of growth: that which comes from good health.  I know, I know, a simple Google search will identify the “Nine Marks of a Healthy Church” and “The Twelve Characteristics of the Healthy Church” and the “Eight Essential Qualities of a Healthy Church” and the “Three Core Characteristics of a Healthy Ministry.”  Even we at IFCA International have twenty-one Vital Signs of Healthy IFCA Churches.
But, as a church plante
r, I was interested in process.  How do all these very good ideas fit together?  Is there a process that’s identifiable for a church to follow to implement these concepts?  I think the answer is yes.
These ideas are intimately
connected.  We mustn’t run too fast or try to pass over some because they are too difficult.  And certainly, these ideas should be a part of any church… no matter the size or the age.

The Building Blocks of Church Health Seminars are designed to assist and challenge churches to build; to get it right; and to get it in the righ
t order.  Below are summaries of each of the areas of church health that we address. 

If you would interested in more information, or to schedule me to come to your church and lead the workshops, contact us at nave@ifcasce.org