What We Do

What We Do
                             The purpose of Southeast Church Extension is to

facilitate the movement of
struggling churches toward spiritual health
and the movement of healthy churches
toward reproduction of new churches.

Following are the Southeast Church Extension SCENARIOS for ministry:

NEW CHURCHES - SCE extends ministry by helping churches and pastors promote and pursue a desire to be involved in the new birth of a church.  We also come along side existing churches to develop strategies that cultivate new life.  Helping churches become church planting churches is our goal.
ASSISTANCE - SCE extends training and Bible teaching to help churches and church leaders grow and mature.  SCE also provides counsel and chaplain ministry to churches that might not be equipped to provide those services independently.
REALITY CHECK - SCE extends helpful counsel by helping with church evaluation that can identify areas where critical care and life support are necessary.
INTERNSHIPS - SCE extends networking to churches and Bible students together by facilitating internships and mentoring.
OUTREACH - SCE exists to extend the gospel to sinners and to extend the  ministry and presence of IFCA Int. in the southeastern United States.
SUPPORT - SCE extends a network of ministry, encouragement, and training to churches and pastors.